Welcome to WPHunts 🚀

I’m Ben, and I’ll be your host; WPHunts is an alternative to Product Hunt, purely for WordPress products, themes, plugins, hosting and maybe the odd tool.

I’m still working on WPHunts, as it’s just me on my lonesome; it’s going to take time. But I believe it will be worth it.

For Developers/Product Owners:

  • WordPress devs/business owners can create an account and post a product relevant to their niche. 
  • The ability to add offers to users (hidden from non-members of WPHunts).
  • Schedule the listing for a later date (if so desired!).
  • Developers/service providers can promote their plugins/themes/hosting services and gain traction!
  • Accept user reviews on products; users will have to prove they’ve used the product via a screenshot before the review will even be published!

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For Users:

  • Users can upvote a product, find out more information about it, ask questions about the product.
  • Free from affiliate links, yup, there I said it. There will be no affiliate links; WPHunts is a place for users to find new products/solutions without spammy affiliate junk to drive sales.
  • Redeem offers from developers, enjoy new product launch discounts and more.

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